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The Villages at Lipa Construction Updates Q4 2022

Construction is in full swing



Brook Village currently has 267 houses under construction and 80 completed houses.


Meanwhile, Sierra Village has 203 houses under construction and 37 completed houses.



Site Development


Site development of Brook Village is at 96.06% completion, Sierra Village is at 96.09% completion, while Meadow Village is at 17.21% completion.





Main Guardhouses at Lipa and Malvar have been completed.



Brook and Sierra Villages are now accessible through the spine road lined with newly installed feature fence.



Value Appreciation


Lot value in our launched villages, Brook and Sierra, enjoy positive returns at 118% and 90% value appreciation respectively since they were launched in 2019.




There are 51 units in Sierra Village, 52 units in Brook, and 22 units in Meadow Village that are currently available.

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