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The Villages At Lipa

Your Piece of LIMA Estate

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The Villages at Lipa is the sprawling 49-hectare residential enclave within LIMA Estate, where you will find an industrial park, commercial centers, transport terminal, and will be home to the first central business district of Batangas.Your dream home in a gated community with wide open spaces in a well-thought-out development is now a reality you can own.Have everything, miss nothing.


The Villages at Lipa

The Villages at Lipa is a prime residential community of LIMA. It features a collection of three villages; Brook, Sierra and Meadow. Here you can choose an array of well-built single detached units, single attached units, townhouses and now premium residential lots.
Meadow Village  
11.7 hectares
Sierra Village  
17 hectares
Brook Village  
16 hectares

Brook Village

Perfect for growing or upgrading families and booming professionals.

Sierra Village

Homes for sophisticated families that want to expand their presence in the south.

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