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The Villages At Lipa: A Home Of Progressive Southern Living


The Villages at Lipa is a residential development located in the heart of the LIMA Estate. It’s your ideal choice for a wonderful family home in the South.


Life is all about growth and moving forward. Whether it’s through a promotion at work or a progression in some skill involved in a hobby, leveling up is an important part of life. In a world that’s both fast-paced and competitive, being stagnant can have a significant impact on your quality of life.


The same can be said for when it comes to looking for a home. In almost traditional fashion, most Filipinos who are about to leave the nest to either start a family of their own or move to a location in close proximity to work choose to live in the metropolitan area. Full of shopping malls, amenities that cater to the modern lifestyle, proximity to key areas needed to raise a family, making a home in the metro is often considered a practical choice and a notch in the progression belt.


These days however,the concept of practicality, just like life, is in a constant state of flux. With home prices in the metro slowly increasing (not to mention that population density and pollution along with it), it’s considered more financially sound to seek a home in the more rural areas of the country.


Enter The Villages At Lipa, AboitizLand’s residential development located near LIMA, an integrated economic center in Lipa-Malvar, Batangas. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting a home in the area and why doing so is a valid form of progression.


The LIMA Estate


Metro Manila has long been recognized and established as the economic capital of the Philippines. This is why people from the more rural areas of the country flock to the area, to get more work opportunities. However, with the economic landscape of the world changing and with developers starting to be more crafty when it comes to creating business centers across the country, even Metro Manila’s status as the economic powerhouse can change.


The Villages at Lipa is located in the LIMA Estate, an Aboitiz owned integrated economic center in Lipa, Batangas. This 700-hectare Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) – registered economic zone is considered to be the number one selling and the largest privately-owned industrial park in the Philippines, employing over 50,000 people. It will also be home to Batangas’ first central business district.


This mixed-use development hosts 111 locators, 100 retail stores and restaurants, 138-room 4-star hotel, a transportation hub, and over 2,000 households. Through BPOs, dormitories, hotels, schools, hospitals, churches and other related institutions vital to the progress of Batangas, AboitizLand envisions this thriving industrial-anchored estate to be the next leading mixed-use economic center for CALABARZON.


Living in an area which will eventually make a large impact on the country economically can not only mean a large influx of potential resale value for your existing home, but also access to noteworthy job opportunities that belong to the above mentioned sectors.


Proximity To Key Areas


Whether or not you’re moving into it for the purposes of just having a home close to work or to raise a family, a vital factor in choosing a home is its proximity to locations that will prove useful to you. For example, if you’re considering having children, having schools close to your home is a definite plus while hospitals are a definite necessity.


As mentioned above, the LIMA Estate will offer you access to key areas that may or may not be present in more rural areas of the region. If your work location still lies in Metro Manila, you can still easily go to and from work through these reliable routes: SLEX, STAR Tollway, and J.P. Laurel National Highway.


In terms of commercial establishments, there are The Outlets at Lipa, a retail and dining center, and Robinsons Supermarket that vecinos of The Villages at Lipa can take advantage of. There’s also the LIMA Park Hotel, the LIMA Towers, and LIMA Exchange that visitors from across the country and the world can use in case they happen upon the region. If you’re into sports and football, the Aboitiz Pitch is the place for you. Boasting over 1500 seats and an open-air layout, this field provides a relaxed atmosphere disturbed only by the spirit of competition. With all these key areas, you can also expect good things from the future LIMA Central Business District which is considered to be the next big thing in the South.


Master-Planned Community And Homes


The Villages at Lipa is the residential component of the LIMA Estate. Just like most of AboitizLand’s residential developments, it has multiple pathways and roads that lead to key areas located within the communities. These roads and paths are designed to be connected so that the whole community is a comfortable walk away from amenities.


There are two villages that are currently open in the Villages at Lipa: 1) Sierra Village and 2) Brook Village. Providing homes for sophisticated families that want to expand their presence in the south and move into bigger homes, Sierra Village is located approximately 1 kilometer away from the Lipa Main Entrance. This 18-hectare village offers houses and lots  that offer 150 sqm Single Attached, 119 sqm Single Detached houses, 103 sqm Single Detached houses that are great for big families but still provide lots of space for each family member. For executives that want to live in LIMA, a 3-storey 93 sqm townhouse would make a great home as it provides bigger living spaces without being too far from your place of work.


If you’re planning to have a small family or if you’re a young professional who would want to get a good headstart with your career, Brook Village is an ideal fit for you. Being a short walk away from the commercial establishment within the LIMA estate, this 17-hectare village is a great place to start a career within the estate. Its 53 sqm townhouse  unit has a total of 2 bedrooms and a floor area of over 53 square meters, making it a perfect unit for those who’d much rather live alone and would have one of their rooms turned into an office or a hobby room. It’s also a great investment for business owners who’d want to turn it into a housing benefit for employees. Brook Village’s Single Attached 80 Unit has a total area of 80 square meters and has a total of over 4 bedrooms, making it a good place to house a small to medium-sized family or a team of professionals who work with you.


Functional Amenities


The Villages at Lipa is a prominent example of accessibility and convenience. Brimming with modern-day features and amenities that you can take advantage of, you no longer need to take a long drive to any city just to get to where you want to go. Built upon the principles of modern-day community master-planning, The Villages at Lipa has wide open spaces and pathways that are full of pocket parks and greenery that provide you with a place to relax in.


Both Sierra Village and Brook Village have their own set of amenities that you can take advantage of as a vecino. Ranging from basketball courts where you can play basketball with your family, friends or workmates, to swimming pools to either celebrate summer or take nice relaxing dips in, these amenities are functional and ready to serve you.


If you want more information on The Villages at Lipa, feel free to visit this web page: https://aboitizland.com/the-villages-at-lipa/. If you’re looking for more information on the LIMA Estate, visit this web page: https://aboitizland.com/lima-technology-center/. You can also take a virtual tour of the property, lessening the risk you get by being outside: https://bit.ly/TheVillagesAtLipaVirtualTour2.

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