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Your Next Big Home Is At The Villages At Lipa


Providing safety, convenience and comfort for your family, The Villages at Lipa is the best place to build your home. Learn why this development in the South is for you.


Finding a new home for you and your family is an exciting experience because of what it represents: new beginnings. Just the visual exercise of designing your eventual house and lot can be exhilarating, what more if it gets turned to reality? Of course, part of that visualization process is having to choose an exact location to live in.


With the metro gradually being more and more overpopulated and the threat of the pandemic still present, living there might still be a relatively costly idea. Apart from that, there’s also the hustle and bustle most people try to get away from that’s inherent in most urban settings. This is mostly why a lot of people tend to live near the boundaries of the metro rather than in the region itself – to move away from the city but stay close to necessities at a relatively lower cost.


Given these circumstances, traditional notions of rural families towards the metro are starting to get challenged. All of a sudden, people are looking for more accessible places outside of the bustling business districts of the NCR while being in close proximity to key areas like schools, workplaces, and hospitals. Properties that offer this combination of features are rare and often fall short on delivering some of these promises.


Enter The Villages At Lipa, a residential development located LIMA Estate, the next leading mixed-use economic hub in the South. Given its proximity to convenience and accessibility to major key areas, The Villages At Lipa might be the best home for you to move to. Here are a few reasons why this is the case.


A Home Within A Growing Economic Center


The LIMA Estate is a thriving hotspot for business, leisure, and more, is strategically located at the Lipa-Malvar area of Batangas. Housing more than 50,000 employees, this 700-hectare Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) – registered economic zone is considered to be the number one selling and largest privately-owned industrial park in the Philippines.


This mixed-use development hosts over 111 locators, 100 retail stores and restaurants, 138-room 4 star hotel, a transportation hub and over 2,000 households. Envisioning itself to be the next leading mixed-use economic center for CALABARZON, with BPOs, dormitories, hotels, schools, hospitals, churches, and other relevant institutions, the LIMA Estate is currently a thriving industrial-anchored estate full of great promise and potential.


Since it is anchored on its industrial park, LIMA Estate offers a full-service community, with provision for the employment, retail, educational and recreational needs of its workforce, vecinos, and visitors.


If you’re considering employment opportunities close to home, the LIMA Estate might have a place for you. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a home that’s close to modern day creature comforts, The Villages at Lipa can help you find what you’re searching for. The benefits of living within an economic center surpasses that of job opportunities or proximity to modern-day conveniences, it also adds to the value of your future home. With LIMA being the best industrial estate in the Philippines, it has affected the PVI and The Villages at Lipa (which is now at 100.9% since launch).


Units Suited To Meet Your Needs And Wants


Of course, whether you’re raising a family or you prefer to live alone but need the space for your creative hobbies, space is a valid concern to have. The Villages at Lipa has a myriad of options that you can choose from that’s guaranteed to have what you need. Firstly, you’ll need to know that The Villages at Lipa is divided into two village clusters: 1) Brook Village and 2) Sierra Village.


Sierra Village is a potential home for families with sizes ranging from 93 to 150 sqm homes and would want to expand their presence in the South. This 18-hectare village offers house and lot cuts that contain 3 to 5 bedrooms and is approximately located 1 kilometer away from the JP Laurel Highway.


If you have a small family or you’re an upstart professional looking to get a good headstart for your career or new in investing in real estate, Brook Village might be the place for you. Spanning 17 hectares, this village cluster is just a short walk away from the LIMA Estate’s commercial establishment making it an excellent choice if you want to start your career in the area or if you want to be in close proximity to these modern-day comforts.


Townhouse 53 is a great fit for you if you’re an executive working in the area or an investor looking for a home to rent out in Lipa. The Single Attached 80 has a total floor area of over 80 square meters and has around 4 bedrooms, it’s more than enough space to house a medium-sized family. It’s a good option to start with if you want to have housemates that are also your work colleagues or a family that’s composed of 4-5 members.


Amenities Fit For Your Needs


The Villages at Lipa offer more than just spacious homes and the promise of better opportunities. It also brings you the luxury of amenities that’s sure to add value to both your property and your quality of life. Just like any other residential development made by AboitizLand, The Villages at Lipa has wide open spaces full of greenery and pocket parks where you can interact with your neighbors or just have a fun family picnic while following social distancing.


Brook and Sierra villages both own sets of amenities for their respective vecinos. There are swimming pools for professionals who’d like to take a nice dip after a long day or week of work and basketball courts for families who enjoy shooting hoops during the weekends. Clubhouses are also available for those who want to have a venue to host events that celebrate either familial or professional milestones.


Your Next Big Home


If you’re looking for a home that strikes the perfect balance between giving you sanctuary from the hustle of urban life and the convenience inherent therein, The Villages at Lipa is the place for you. Located in the heart of the LIMA Estate, AboitizLand’s integrated economic center in the South, this gated community  is bound to bring you and your family the safety and convenience you most definitely need.


Feel free to visit this web page if you want to know more about The Villages at Lipa:

https://aboitizland.com/the-villages-at-lipa/. If you’d like to take a virtual tour of The Villages at Lipa, feel free to visit this link: https://bit.ly/TheVillagesAtLipaVirtualTour2.

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